Not Quite Smart, The Luminox ANU Chronograph Is At Least Quite Bright

scaled-5333 This weekend’s watch review comes to us from Luminox, a manufacturer well-known for their amazingly bright luminescent hands and pips. Luminox uses small tubes of tritium coated with phosphor. As the tritium decays it excites the phosphor, allowing the tubes to glow for years without “charging” in sunlight. It’s a neat trick and it affords amazing readability in the dark. Read More

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How One Developer Got the Internet To Watch People Code

blottsie writes: While Twitch TV is generally used for livestreaming gameplay, Alexander Putilin has other plans for the platform. Putilin and his girlfriend are using Twitch to build a community of software developers and students who broadcast complex floating point operations and algorithm design to the rest of the world. The community is responding and growing alongside its newfound popularity. WatchPeopleCode is now facilitating live hackathons (there was one this weekend), enabling programmers to meet and collaborate with people that they’d otherwise never be able to.

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