‘The Walking Dead’ just majorly shook things up



Warning: this story is both about spoilers and contains spoilers. Read with caution.

The cruel world in which The Walking Dead takes place has delivered to viewers many surprises and heartbreaking moments over the years

Dale’s death. Shane’s death, Lori’s death. Hershel’s death. Beth’s death. Tyreese’s death. Noah’s death

Seeing a trend here?

Death happens to characters on this show. We know that. We expect that. At times, we maybe hope for that. (Sorry, Lori, it was your time to go.)

Despite knowing the stakes here, however, there’s somehow always at least one death per season that really makes me question what we’ve signed up for. One that hits you so deep that momentarily you cross that weird line between being upset about a TV show and personally offended Read more…

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