Operator harnesses chatbots, humans, and $15M to sell US goods to China

operator-china With a little personal shopping assistance, Operator thinks Chinese citizens will pounce on American products sold through its conversational shopping app. The promise of becoming the guided commerce layer connecting China with the US has earned the two-year-old a $15 million series B round at a $100 million pre-money valuation. “We’re making commerce borderless”, Operator… Read More
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Leica and Huawei express their love for each other with a joint research lab

header-background Before the iPhone 7 made dual lenses cool… no, scratch that, Huawei and Leica made it cool first (and plenty others made it dorky). The result of their collaboration, the P9, has sold well enough that the two companies are taking their relationship to the next level — moving in together. In a joint research facility in Germany, that is. Read More

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Marlins’ manager sobs as he remembers José Fernández’s infectious joy



His voice quivered and his eyes welled, but in a moment of sorrow, Marlins Manager Don Mattingly thought about joy. 

Mattingly recalled the passion and joy of the team’s star pitcher José Fernández at a press conference Sunday following his sudden death. The 24-year-old right hander died earlier that morning after a boating accident in Miami Beach.

“I see such a little boy in him,” Mattingly said, holding back tears. “The way he played, there’s just joy with him when he played and when he pitched.”

Mattingly’s sentiment echoed that of the baseball world. Fans and fellow players mourned Fernández’s loss on social media, recalling his love for the game, as well as the joy others had while watching him play. Read more…

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